Dover Weekends 10-11: Confused!

Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th July 2012

After the previous weekend’s 7 & 6 hour swims I was dreading the briefing on Saturday morning. I had around 3 weeks to go until my tide started and I was expecting another long back to back weekend.

The weather was pleasant and sunny. The sea was calm. The conditions were ideal for a long swim. I was therefore expecting to be given a 7 or 8 hour swim.

I was given 3 hours!

I was very very confused by this. The 3 hours went really quickly and I was out of the water in time for lunch. I also felt a bit guilty because I was staying in Dover all weekend and had only done a 3 hour swim!

On Sunday I headed down to the beach expecting another short swim. I was given 5 hours! Freda explained to me that it was the TBC (Total Brain Confusion) approach and she didn’t want me to get used to the same swims every session. The 5 hour swim was fine and uneventful, although I did see a dogfish swim underneath me at one point and that livened it up a bit!

Training Weekend 10 Summary:

  • Water Temp: I have stopped checking now!
  • Two swims: 3 hours / 5 hours

Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th July 2012

I didn’t know what to expect this weekend after the previous weekend. As it happened, I was given two 4 hour swims.  After doing the long back to back weekends, the training had stepped down several gears.

There were two highlights this weekend:

  • Mark Robson and Rob Sutermeister came down from the North for a training weekend. We met up in the evening and went out for a lovely Italian meal at El Rustico in Dover. The food was really good in there and the service was very quick. Mark Robson will be known as “The Hoover” from now as he ordered a second main course of spaghetti bolognese whilst Rob and myself were still chomping through our first (and only!) main course. Mark even had room for dessert! Both Mark and Rob are due to swim the Channel later on this year.
  • A massive thunderstorm on Saturday! This caused Vaseline Barrie to blow the whistle and order all the swimmers out of the water after 5 hours. The beach crew were absolutely drenched and it was clearly unsafe to be swimming in a big electrical storm. I felt a bit short-changed, I had done my full 4 hour swim and the others were being allowed out early!!

Training Weekend 11 Summary:

  • Two swims: 4 hours / 4 hours

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