The Pancrequatics

On 3rd September 2011 I took part in my second Channel Relay in the space of a month.

This relay wasn’t planned but came about following an email which was sent to the Channel google group at 10:30pm on Thursday 1st September which asked if anyone was able to swim as a reserve in a charity relay the following night. Anyway, less than 24 hours later I found myself at Dover Harbour, waiting in the dark for 5 people I had never met before!

We had a great day out. The sea was wonderfully calm all day, but it was very foggy. In fact we originally set out at 11pm on Friday 2nd, but returned to the harbour and tried again at 2am when the fog had lifted slightly. The team successfully crossed the English Channel in 14 hours 11 minutes, and as if by magic the fog disappeared about half an hour before the finish to reveal a beautiful summer’s day!

I was the second swimmer in the relay so I swam for three full hours. We were about 400 metres from the beach when I had to hand over to the final swimmer!

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